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Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.)

20150909 port lom 3Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) manages the port infrastructure of the public transport ports of national importance. The object of activity and status of BPI Co. are regulated by Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria. BPI Co. has four territorial and three specialized divisions in Burgas, Varna, Lom (picture) and Ruse.

Contact details: Anguel Zabourtov, General Manager






Port of Ruse

Port complex - Ruse J.S.Co. is a Bulgarian port operator with 100% state owned capital. The basic activities of the port terminals operated by the Complex are:

  • Transshipment of cargo - the ports in the complex are a suitable and effective connection between the water transport along the Danube and the Bulgarian national rail and road infrastructure. Most of the cargo transshipped in the port terminals of the Complex comes from / is forwarded to Ukraine (about 60-70%), Serbia, Romania and Hungary (about 20%), Slovakia, Austria and Germany (about 7-8%) and other countries.
  • Cargo storage - the ports offer open and covered storage areas.
  • Ro-Ro services - in Port Ruse-East there are Ro-Ro ramps for transshipment of vehicles transported via Ro-Ro ships.
  • Pontoon services – the port terminals in the Complex have pontoons, suitable for commercial and passenger ships.
  • Manoeuvring services - Port complex - Ruse offers services with its manoeuvring ships.
  • Additional services – weighing with auto- and rail-scales, rendering services with transshipment equipment, repair shop services, supply of ships with drinking water, electricity, phone, fax.



Port terminal Ruse-center, passenger key (km. 495.800 - 494.500)

Port complex – Ruse J.S. Co. operates 3 pontoons located along the central key of the town of Ruse (port terminal Ruse-center). The key is close to the center of the town. They are suitable for both commercial and passenger ships. The width of the birth places is between 60 m. - 110 m. About 1 600 river vessels use the pontoons of the Complex every year.

Port terminal Ruse-east (km. 490.200 - 489.300)

This terminal provides a suitable multimodal connection between water, rail and road transport. As the largest port in the Complex, port terminal Ruse-east can process almost all types of cargo, including equipment with large dimensions. With its current technical equipment, port terminal Ruse-east has a capacity of processing up to 1 500 000 physical* tons of cargo per year. Its total area is 835 000 m2, and the utilized so far area is 470 000 m2. The storage area is 164 000 m2. The average depth of the basin at water mark 0 is 2,5 m. This terminal has 14 berths, electric gantry cranes with lifting capacity between 5 - 32 t. (it is equipped for transshipment of heavy cargo units of up to 64 t.).
On the territory of port terminal Ruse-east there is a Ro-Ro ramp. In periods of intensive work, this terminal was used by about 30 000 heavy vehicles a year. The Ro-Ro ramp has 2 parking lots, with total area of 27 483 m2. Its dimensions are 112 m./32 m. and the slope is 1:8.

Port terminal Tutrakan (km. 433.000 - 432.900)

Port terminal Tutrakan provides connection with the national road network. It has a capacity of processing about 20 000 physical* tons of cargo a year. The port processes both bulk and general cargo but is used mostly for transshipment of dry bulk cargo. Its total area is 4 414 m2 of which 3 500 m2 open storage area. The terminal has 2 berth places, 1 pontoon, 1 crane with lifting capacity 5 t. The average depth at water mark 0 is 2,5 m.

Passenger port terminal Silistra (km. 475.100 – 375.400)

“Port complex – Ruse” J.S.Co operates 1 passenger pontoon in Silistra. This terminal has welcomed about 12 000 passengers a year.


Port complex – Ruse J.S.Co.
Bulgaria, 7000 Ruse, 22 Pristanishtna Str.
Tel.: +359 82/ 880 935
Fax: +359 82/ 825 148
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.port-ruse-bg.com

Executive director – Mr. Petar Nenkov Dragoshinov 
Tel.: +359 82/ 880-935
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Marketing Expert – Denitsa Mateva
Tel.: +359 82/ 880-951
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