Inauguration of the Construction Village of the Port of Brussels

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09 April 2018

On 23 March, three new warehouses, called the “Construction Village”, were inaugurated in the Port of Brussels. The company Mpro also took part in the inauguration, as well as Mohammed Jabour, President of the Port of Brussels, and Kurt Vyncke, CEO of Grafton Belgium.

The warehouses were entirely financed by the Port of Brussels and will be used by Mpro for thirty years, with a minimum annual waterway traffic set to 210,000 tons.

The use of waterways as the main means of transit during the construction was highly important to the port, which explains why it was one of the selection criteria for the choice of the contractor, in addition to ecological considerations. The architect of the buildings, Tetra, was chosen by a jury partly because of its sustainable construction project, which won a prize by the Holcim foundation in 2014. 

The warehouses were constructed with ecological considerations in mind as they make use of rainwater and natural light. In addition to this, photovoltaic panels are expected to be soon installed. The latter will produce green electricity for both Mpro and CCB, a company situated next door.

As pointed out by Rudi Vervoort, Minister-president of the Brussels-Capital Region, the warehouses are in line with the “Plan Canal”, a plan supported by the region and which aims to develop economic activities in the canal area while facilitating the urban integration thereof.

More information can be found here (in French).  

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