Over half of all goods traffic between North Sea Port and hinterland travels by inland waterway shipping

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02 December 2019

For the first time after the merger on 1 January 2018, North Sea Port conducted a study in 2019 (based on figures from 2018) to analyse the percentage of goods that are transported to the hinterland via inland waterway shipping.

The study showed that this figure amounts to 54%, while 30% of goods coming through North Sea Port are transported by road and 9% by rail. These results were presented during North Sea Port’s multimodal event, which highlighted the wide range of services that are provided by terminals and shipping companies within the Port, serving an equally broad range of destinations in Europe such as Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain, but also China, West Africa and South America.

Because of North Sea Port’s extensive network of hinterland connections, it has made clear as from the merger of the two previous companies that its ambition was to actively start a modal shift towards rail and inland waterway shipping. The results of the study are thus highly encouraging to continue in this direction.

North Sea Port is planning on further developing inland water shipping, and especially containers transportation, by continuing its cooperation with shipping companies. For this reason, the Port is looking forward to the realisation of the Seine-Scheldt project, which would allow heavier vessels to travel to Paris.

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