Port of Rotterdam introduces a 100% discount for inland port charges for vessels complying with Green Award’s platinum certificate

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28 May 2018

Mid-April, the Rotterdam port authority announced the introduction of a 100% discount for inland port charges when vessel owners comply with the Green Award’s platinum certificate and make use of NextLogic, the new planning tool that optimises handling of container inland shipping in the port of Rotterdam. Inland vessels comply with the green award certificate when sailing on electricity or on fuel cells for at least 50% of the time or for 3 hours per day.  

These measures were announced as part of an overall strategy developed by the Port of Rotterdam to tackle Climate change and comply with the Paris Climate agreement (2015), and were made public during the Energy in Transition Summit 2018. During the Summit, the port Authority revealed the results of the CO2 impact study commissioned to the Wuppertal Institute concerning the marine and inland shipping impact in the Rotterdam port area, estimated to be responsible for emissions of around 25 million tons of CO2 every year. Based on the figures, the Port Authority announced that it would introduce an incentive of in total 5 million euros to support vessel owners and charterers that experiment with low-carbon or zero-carbon fuels to promote climate-friendly maritime shipping.

In order to ensure that logistics also comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, transport emissions will have to be reduced by 95% by 2050. The first half of this target (up to 50%) can be achieved by efficiency measures, but the remainder will require the deployment of different fuels. According to the Wuppertal Institute, in the coming decades LNG and biofuels can help shape the transition, but the ultimate goal can only be achieved with electrification and hydrogen and the use of synthetic fuels such as methanol.

Fully in line with the position of EFIP concerning the paramount necessity of tackling climate change related-issues, the Secretariat strongly supports and congratulates the Rotterdam's comprehensive leadership position on decarbonisation. We encourage you to have a look at its dedicated “Pathways to decarbonize transport and logisticshere.

Also, you can find more information on the Green award procedure carried out by the Bureau Green Award here

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