Five inland ports create a single shore power system

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21 October 2020

The inland ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, North Sea Port Netherlands, and De Vlaamse Waterweg, and the region of Drechtsteden, started a collaboration around a single shore power system for inland shipping and river cruise. The initiative aims to create an easy-to-use and more reliable shore-based power facility to provide moored vessels with electric power.

The Port of Rotterdam has published a European call for bids in order to select a contractor for the project. This is in line with the partners’ policy to pursue a balanced development of the various port areas both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The investment will contribute to the economic development and to projects improving local quality of life, as well as the environment.

Sustainability being the central point of the initiative, public authorities and private companies in the partner ports are promoting transport by inland shipping and rail rather than road transport. In addition, special attention is given to reducing the volumes of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates released into the atmosphere. To that end, the partners have carried out research into the utilisation of short-based power for a range of different vessel types and locations.

In the future, other parties offering shore power may also join this new agreement.

You can find more information here.

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