EFIP brings together nearly 200 inland ports and port authorities in 17 countries of the European Union and Switzerland. Additionally, EFIP also has observer members in Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Either individual ports or national associations of inland ports can become member of EFIP.

Even if inland ports are very diverse in functions they fulfil, in modal shift, in size, they all have two elements in common. They are all developed on the waterside and they are the “gate”, the “access point” to at least one, but often two or even three environmentally friendly modes of transport (IWT, Rail and maritime transport). It is thus clear that inland ports play an important role in the comodal sustainable transport chain. In this section we take you on a short trip through Europe and give you the opportunity to meet some of our member ports and associations, and learn more about their activities.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our members directly or through the EFIP secretariat:

Join us

EFIP is a member organisation. EFIP brings together nearly 200 inland ports and port authorities in 16 countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Ukraine. EFIP has also an observer member in Serbia, the Group for Ports and Wharfs of the CCIS. EFIP acts as the unique voice of inland ports in Europe.

It is clear that the more inland ports EFIP represents, the more it can weigh on European decision making.

7 good reasons for EFIP membership:

  • EFIP is the unique voice of the inland ports on the European political scene.
  • EFIP informs you about every “move” in European transport policy of interest for your inland port.
  • EFIP offers a unique opportunity to improve the European and international visibility of your inland port.
  • EFIP informs you about relevant calls for proposals and projects.
  • Through EFIP’s network, members can more easily find the right partners for submitting a project proposal.
  • EFIP is a unique place where inland ports can meet each other and exchange experiences and best practices.
  • EFIP is a promoter of inland ports.

For more information on how to join EFIP, please contact the Director of EFIP: