EFIP members meet in Liège (Belgium) and discuss the CEF II proposal
Press Releases | 16 October 2018
Port Highlight: Liege Port Authority
Good news about our ports | 10 October 2018
Inauguration of the Brussels Cruise Terminal
Good news about our ports | 25 July 2018
Turi Fiorito to become new EFIP Director
Press Releases | 05 July 2018
Inauguration of the Lauterbourg Container Terminal
Good news about our ports | 04 July 2018
Port of Rotterdam introduces a 100% discount for inland port charges for vessels complying with Green Award’s platinum certificate
Good news about our ports | 28 May 2018
EFIP, together with more than 40 organisations, pleads for an increased CEF transport budget for the next EU MFF
Press Releases | 27 April 2018
Inauguration of the Construction Village of the Port of Brussels
Good news about our ports | 09 April 2018
North Sea Port started with record figures
Good news about our ports | 27 March 2018
EFIP's position on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in light of MFF discussions
Press Releases | 19 March 2018
EFIP members meet in Seville (ES) and discuss the strength of seagoing inland ports
Press Releases | 16 March 2018
Port Highlight: Port of Seville
Good news about our ports | 14 March 2018
The European Federation of Inland Ports is looking for a new director
Press Releases | 07 February 2018
EFIP welcomes the Port of Genk as new member
Press Releases | 06 February 2018
EFIP welcomes the Hungarian Federation of Danube Ports
Press Releases | 29 January 2018
Port of Aalborg (DK) joins EFIP
Press Releases | 24 January 2018
Partnership agreement signed by Port Authority of Strasbourg and HAROPA
Good news about our ports | 23 January 2018
Annual Report 2017
Annual Reports | 20 December 2017
PORTOPIA Annual Report for Inland Ports
Publications | 17 November 2017
Inland Waterway Transport and Ports ask Europe for an ambitious policy action plan and continuity in funding
Press Releases | 15 November 2017
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