Port of Aalborg expands its rail infrastructure and opens a new rail terminal

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17 September 2020

The Port of Aalborg started working on expanding its rail facilities in the spring of 2020. The extensive expansion includes the construction of a new 43,000 m2 rail terminal at the East Port. The first phase of the extension is now fully operational.

After only a few months, the first phase of the new terminal area can already be used. In addition to this new 4,200 m2 terminal area, the first phase of the works also includes 190 metres of train tracks and 12,500 m2 of hard surface.

This major improvement enables the Port of Aalborg to offer more competitive and attractive rail infrastructure for leases and setting up operations in the port area. Companies can now make use of premises next to the rail network, which gives them the advantage of having direct access to a large number of rail hubs in Europe.

It was important for the Port of Aalborg to build this new terminal in order to become more attractive for companies in North Jutland transporting goods by rail, a mode of transport that companies are increasingly interested in. For instance, in 2019, the number of single wagon loads leaving the Port of Aalborg has almost doubled and the Port is expecting this growing trend to continue in the future.

The second phase of the expansion of the Port’s freight terminal should be ready by the fourth quarter of 2020. This phase will see the extension of the track to 430 metres, adding a further 4,900 square metres to the terminal area, and the development of 21,200 m2 of land which will allow businesses to operate next to the rail track.

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