Port of Rotterdam now using integrated planning to handle inland container shipping

Good news about our ports

31 January 2023

Since January, the Port of Rotterdam has started to use integrated planning to manage inland containers shipping. This integrated management is possible thanks to a tool called Nextlogic to which barge operators forward port call, rotation and cargo information in advance for each inland vessel. Terminals do the same for the available quay capacity. Nextlogic then synthetizes all the information and creates an optimal schedule for all the parties. Such a system does not yet exist anywhere else. It will enable the port to be more productive by preventing empty runs at the terminals and by making the barges pass through the port with as few disruptions as possible. Rapid expansion of planned barge volume is critical to Nextlogic's development in 2023. Currently, integrated planning accounts for about 60% of the market. In the coming year, this figure is expected to reach 80-85%.

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