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Upgraded locks open up the Twente Ports

01 July 2021

Rijkswaterstaat has expanded the lock complex at Eefde with a second lock chamber. The realisation of the Noordersluis has reduced waiting times and improved accessibility to the ports of Twente. In addition, the new Noorder lock, which is larger and deeper, will enable heavier loaded ships to be locked. Another advantage is that the presence of a second lock ensures a less vulnerable situation in the event of maintenance or calamities. This improves both reliability and access.

The Eefde lock is located in the IJssel at the beginning of the Twente canals to Enschede and Almelo. The lock is also called the gateway to Twente as it is the only access to the Twente canals for inland shipping. Ships annually transport 70,000 containers and 60 million tons of cargo via the lock between Northern and Eastern Europe and the major ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

The Twente canals between Delden and Enschede and the entire branch to Almelo will be expanded from this summer. With the expansion, larger and more heavily loaded ships will soon be able to sail more safely and smoothly on the Twente Canals and the ports of Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede will be more accessible. This contributes to strengthening the (inter)national logistics position of the regional ports and the Twente region. The wider waterway ensures that larger ships can pass more smoothly and safely. The waterway is thus safer, because ships can sail at the same speed and pass each other on almost every part of the Twente canals.

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