VisuRIS: advanced web portal for inland navigation

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15 June 2017

The Vlaamse Waterweg nv and Flemish Minister Ben Weyts have presented VisuRIS. VisuRIS includes an advanced web portal and a mobile app for inland navigation, which will make the inland navigation more transparent and user-friendly. 

VisuRIS gives skippers and logistics players access to River Information Services (RIS). These services optimise the traffic and transport process, based on, among others, electronic navigational charts and electronic information exchange systems between the ship and the authority or between authorities themselves.

"RIS services have existed for a longer time," said Ir. Chris Danckaerts, CEO of the Vlaamse Waterwag nv. "VisuRIS however, makes them more accessible, via a web portal and a mobile app. VisuRIS is the tool for inland navigation in the 21st century. The software calculates your route, taking into account water levels, tides, operating times and calamities. The real-time traffic situation in VisuRIS ensures that the shipping traffic is smoother and safer, as ships can be tracked and automatic alerts can be sent when the estimated time of arrival of the ship is compromised. This makes it possible to optimise the barge planning. "

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