EFIP stands with the Port of Ochakov and the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority (USPA)

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03 March 2022

The European Federation of Inland Ports stands in support to its friends and colleagues in Ukraine under the invasion of Russia. Among all the damage resulting from the military actions, the Ukrainian ports have been hit as well. European inland ports are profoundly concerned about the safety and well-being of their colleagues, their loved ones and the Ukrainian people.

Friedrich Lehr, EFIP President, commented: “Inland ports are not only important synapses in the global transport of goods. They are also a symbol for the connection of all people on this earth through goods and ideas from which all benefit. In this sense, it is the endeavour of the European inland ports to constantly act in a balancing way and to find and promote what we have in common.

The European Federation of Inland Ports (EFIP) expresses its solidarity and sympathy to its colleagues in the Ukrainian ports and to all citizens of Ukraine.”

The Port of Ochakov has been a member of the European community of inland ports since 2007. The Ukrainian Sea Port Authority (USPA) is the administration which represents and manages all the Ukrainian individual ports, and has been a member of EFIP since 2019. The thoughts of EFIP remain with all of them. 

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