More Budget for Transport: EU transport sector calls for long-term support to realise the European Green Deal

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04 April 2024

04 April 2024

49 European transport organisations, representing the key spectrum of Europe’s transport network, operators and stakeholders, are once again joining forces in a campaign to call upon the Council and the European Parliament for a robust transport funding instrument in the upcoming review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF). 

The transport and logistics sector is the cornerstone in realizing Europe’s sustainable and green objectives while maintaining its geo-strategic and competitive position. A robust, resilient and adaptable European network supports business, enables greening and responsiveness to current and future crises. If we want to make Europe climate neutral and future proof, it must complete the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). That requires putting words into deeds by ensuring that sufficient funding will be allocated to transport. 

The last three Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Calls have seen massive over-subscriptions illustrating the commitment of the transport sector to realise a future-proof transport network. However, many necessary projects are left unfunded due to the insufficient size of the European infrastructure budget. The lesson for European leaders and policymakers is that this is the moment to reverse the continuing trend of underfunding in the transport sector and raise the funds to match the ambitions. And to recognise that CEF is the most efficient funding instrument which delivers high EU added value, fosters a level playing field across Europe and enables no regret investments.

"Our European transport network has to realise a massive transformation as it transitions away from fossil fuel industries into the climate neutral economy. Inland ports, as multimodal enablers of green logistics, are at the heart of this transformation as they originally handled many fossil energy sources but now are committed to providing climate neutral services. As in the rest of the transport sector, inland ports cannot realise such a fundamental and existential transition without predictable and sufficient support from our politicians in the years to come", said EFIP Director, Turi Fiorito.

The leaflet of the More EU Budget for Transport coalition is attached and available here.

The campaign leaflet will be officially handed over to Magda Kopczyńska, Director General of DG MOVE during the Connecting Europe Days, on April 4th at 5.30pm. (Gold Hall – Square conference center).



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