North Sea Port started with record figures

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27 March 2018

In December 2017, Ghent Port Company and Zeeland Seaports signed a merger agreement, which resulted in the creation of North Sea Port. The new merger port started 2018 with record figures.

North Sea Port’s seaborne cargo traffic for the year 2017 amounts to 66.6 million tonnes with a 71% import share and a 29% export share. If the merged cross-border port had already existed before, then this would have been the best result ever (+6.9%). The inland navigation cargo traffic is good for 56.5 million tonnes which would equally have been a record. Consequently, seagoing as well as inland navigation together experienced a record start, which can be found back in the total cargo traffic figure for seagoing and inland navigation: 123.1 million tonnes.

A merger port

North Sea Port represents the 60-kilometre-long cross-border port area of Flushing, Borsele and Terneuzen in the Netherlands up to Ghent in Belgium. The name ‘North Sea Port’ expresses innovation and ambition, as it goes beyond the former ‘Ghent’ and ‘Zeeland’. North Sea Port represents the North Sea region. The international name is intentional and offers the new port company and port area a unique position in the heart of Europe. The addition ‘Together. Smarter.’ emphasizes the importance for the port of close cooperation with and among clients, partners and stakeholders on the one hand and the focus on innovation and a smarter way of working on the other hand.

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