Inland ports call for continued ambition to make European combined transport a success

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08 November 2023

On the 7th of November, the European Commission proposed an ambitious amendment that will strengthen the role of inland waterways and rail in combined transport. As a result; emissions, congestion and other harmful externalities of transport can be reduced. Ports call on the co-legislators to ensure that the ambition of the proposal is maintained and that combined transport is brought into the 21st century.

European inland ports are nodes for rail, inland waterway transport (IWT) and road to provide our economy the optimal logistical solutions. As enablers of green logistics, we understand the challenges and opportunities of intermodal transport. Fostering combined transport is essential in achieving the European Green Deal and reaching the objectives Flagship 4 of the Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy.

The amendment of the Combined Transport Directive (CTD) 92/106/EEC is the indispensable step in ensuring the growth of sustainable transport. The objective of promoting transport actions that reduce the societal external costs by 40%, is a great innovation that replaces the archaic distance-based system in place now. The inland ports called for a similar approach last in 2022.

By reducing the competitive disadvantage of combined transport by at least 10%, the attractiveness of cleaner forms of transport such as inland waterways and rail will increase. Road transport will fulfill the role of feeder operations whereas the long-distance transport will be covered by the more sustainable modes. This will directly result in a reduction of emissions, help combat congestion and improve resilience and increase safety.

 “Combined transport has massive untapped potential to help solve the challenges facing the European logistical activities. This potential has however has been gated behind outdated legislation and a lack of governmental support. Therefore, this amendment is a cornerstone for the realization of a future proof and sustainable European transport sector,” says EFIP Director Turi Fiorito.

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